Sparkle. Shine. Adorn.
Be charmed.

Pandora Jewelry does more than adorn; it celebrates the unforgettable moments of our lives. It tells a story of triumph, of remembrance, of love.

From the signature charm bracelet to the romantic Lovepods collection, Pandora’s quality jewelry will add that bit of whimsy to all your special moments.


And now, a little history

Beloved for its sophisticated charm bracelet featuring “one charm for every unforgettable moment,” Pandora is one of the world’s most up-and-coming jewelry brands.

In 1982, goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife opened a jeweler’s shop in Copenhagen. Two years later, they went from importing jewelry to designing it. Today, PANDORA is a global brand featuring elegant works of handmade Danish design.

PANDORA is best known for its modern charm bracelets. Charms are made by hand from 14K gold and sterling silver, and many are accented with diamonds, colored gemstones and Murano glass. With more than 800 to choose from, PANDORA offers “one charm for every unforgettable moment.”

What’s even more unique is PANDORA’s patented threading system. Charms can be placed evenly and move freely, in any order you desire. You can even add or rearrange them yourself.

Of course, bracelets are just the beginning. PANDORA offers sophisticated rings, necklaces and earrings, each meticulously handcrafted and finished. Jewelry lovers can select 18 and 14K gold, sterling silver, semi-precious and precious gems. New collections are introduced quarterly, so visit PANDORA and embrace this affordable luxury



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Adding a little charm into your life is always good. Adding your own custom designed charm is unforgettable! You can do that now at the Pandora web site. Design your own custom bracelet from a wide assortment of charms and beads that you can only find from Pandora!

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